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Mark Tardif Renovations

My brother-in-law is a fantastic carpenter and all-around nice guy. He has made Sabrina and I numerous, hand-made gifts including a wooden puzzle with an image of an adorable lucky cat and nightstands that match our super tall, cherry bed frame... which was also a gift from him.

MT Renovations business card, front
Business card, front

He never asks for favors but when my sister called and said that he needs business cards and possibly a logo he could put on shirts, I took this as an opportunity to repay his generosity. I just picked my sister's brain for a bit about what he might like and said I'd put something together.

MT Renovations tshirt mockup
T Shirt mockup

The one thing I know about Mark is that he LOVES Maine. He can't imagine living anywhere else. Maine is his home. Looking at a few of his favorite brands: STIHL, Carhartt, Estwing... I pitched the idea of his company called "MT Renovations", that way we could use mountain imagery. I was hoping to express how Mark can handle jobs at any scale and that he loves the outdoors.