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This silkscreen poster was for a theatrical production of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. The play was produced by the Flying Machine for the stage at Soho Rep. Theater. It was one of the best, most elaborate plays I have ever seen.

Poster for the Flying Machine's Frankenstein
Frankenstein, Poster

Paul Sahre had been doing posters and branding for Soho Rep. for a few years and was looking for collaborators to help work on marketing for productions. He dubbed this production of Frankenstein as "Frankencraker" which was a combination of Frankenstein and The Nutcracker. They did not want a cartoon version of frankenstein on their posters. It gave me the idea to create a Frankenstein out of the classic Nutcracker.

Postcard for the Flying Machine's Frankenstein
Frankenstein, Post Card
Nutcracker soldier
Nutcracker soldier

I found a Nutcracker figure at Macy's and modified it to be a Frankenstein. Then I based the marketing post card and the poster on this figure.