Greg Grabowy

Art Direction, Design
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I started at Billboard in 2006 and at that time, I felt like Billboard wasn't really known for editorial design. Billboard has a very long history and in that long history there really hasn't been a memorable creative director, or a memorable creative period. It started in 1894 as a magazine about the advertising industry and transformed into a magazine about the music business and hit songs. I couldn't really understand why such a recognizable brand hasn't had great design.

Billboard's first Green Issue
Billboard's first Green Issue
Cover Illustration by National Forest
Nominated for SPD, best cover design

This was my first time working on a b2b magazine and I knew very little about the music industry. I feel like this was an advantage working there because I wasn't a fan who thought it was precious. I wanted to make a lot of changes. Nothing was precious. Most of the big redesign work that was necessary happened before I got there but I was able to work on weekly editorial packaging and special issue packaging such as "The Year in Music and Touring".

I worked on over 250 issues at Billboard over 6 years and numerous other projects like event marketing and video production. While I was there I saw a transformation of the brand and a real beginning of shift towards being more design focused. In 2012, the brand, magazine and website were redesigned by Michael Bierut at Pentagram.

"Three Ringz to Rule Them All"
Nominated for SPD, best trade feature design
Nicki Minaj
"Darling Nicky"
Nominated for SPD, best trade feature design
"The Year in Music and Touring 2007"
Cover design by Hatch Show Print